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eazyBI for Jira Cloud is using eazyBI hosted service ( to store imported Jira data and render eazyBI reports. eazyBI hosted service is provided by company eazyBI SIA.

Each eazyBI account imported data are stored in a separate database schema and are isolated from other customer data. Each incoming web request is authenticated and authorized before access to customer data is allowed.

eazyBI is hosted on Google Cloud Platform. eazyBI is responsible for provisioning, monitoring, and managing the virtual servers, and for providing support to eazyBI for Jira Cloud subscribers.

Data Storage and Facilities

eazyBI hosted service uses Google Cloud Platform for data storage. eazyBI uses Google Cloud Platform Europe-West1 data center in Belgium.

Stored Jira data

eazyBI for Jira Cloud is using Jira issues search REST API to import issue data from selected projects. eazyBI is storing in its own database just the dimension and measure data which are visible in Analyze tab Issue cube – issue key, issue summary, project, component, issue type, status, priority, resolution, fix and affects versions, reporter, assignee, label, security level, issue created, due and resolved dates, original and remaining estimated hours, hours logged by user. In addition selected custom fields are stored and issue status transitions history (if selected in import options). eazyBI does not store detailed issue description, comments, and attachments.

People and Access

eazyBI support team accesses application data only for purposes of application health monitoring and performing system or application maintenance, and upon customer request for support purposes. Only authorized eazyBI employees have access to application data.

eazyBI users are authenticated using Atlassian Connect JWT authentication. eazyBI will get Jira Cloud current user information which will be used for access control. Customers are responsible for maintaining the security of their own Jira Cloud login information.


eazyBI application database full backups are performed once per day and are retained for ten days. All backup data are encrypted. Backups are stored in Google Cloud Platform Europe-West1 data center in Belgium.


For more information please see our Privacy Policy.


Effective as of September 23, 2013.

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