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This is eazyBI reports and charts add-on for JIRA documentation space which describes specific eazyBI and JIRA integration.

It contains links to core eazyBI documentation space where general eazyBI functionality is described.


Getting Started

Installation and setup

eazyBI data model for JIRA

JIRA Issues Import

Create reports (in core documentation)

Create charts (in core documentation)

Create dashboards (in core documentation)



Besides examples that are described below, there are more example reports available in JIRA Software Report Demo account and in JIRA Service Desk Report Demo account. You can export and import the definition from this account to your account.

Training Video Recordings

You can download basic and advanced eazyBI training webinar recordings and slides to get up to speed with eazyBI quickly.

eazyBI Basic Training (2hrs)

• eazyBI data model – dimensions, hierarchies, and levels
• JIRA data import
• Creating reports and dashboards
• eazyBI gadgets in JIRA dashboards and Confluence pages

eazyBI Advanced Training (2hrs)

• Advanced eazyBI settings
• Additional custom field types
• Import from other data sources
• Calculated member formulas


eazyBI is available as a specialized JIRA add-on on


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