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EAZYBI Returns children set of aggregate calculated member (set argument of Aggregate function).




Member_ExpressionMDX expression that returns a member.


The example formula access a set of sprints from a calculated member All closed Sprints with function ChildrenSet. The calculated member [Sprint].[All closed sprints] represents one member  - all closed sprints. If you need to access particular sprints you would like to split it to a set of sprints. The function ChildrenSet([Sprint].[All closed sprints]) gives a set of sprints as a result  {[Sprint].[Board 1].[Sprint 1],[Sprint].[Board 1].[Sprint 2], ... } . 

The formula uses Rank to identify a position of a particular sprint in the set of all closed sprints.

ChildrenSet([Sprint].[Active Sprints])

See sample report Sprints and story points overview for project in our Demo account. The calculated measure Active Sprint end date uses the formula above as a part of the calculation to transform calculated member Active Sprints to a set of sprints to get access to those sprint details, like end date. 

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