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EAZYBI Returns the date without the time from the provided date or string argument.





String expression for a date or a date with time.


To return the Issue created date without the exact time, use the following expression:

DateWithoutTime([Measures].[Issue created date])

Instead of returning date with time 2024-01-15 16:43:28 only the date will be returned: 2024-01-15.

The formula below will compare the resolution date to the due date. The resolution date contains the time component, and it needs to be removed to compare if the resolution date is on the same date as due date.

  [Issue].CurrentMember.Get('Due date'),
  DateWithoutTime([Issue].CurrentMember.Get('Resolved at')

See the example report Issues due and overdue in our demo account. Calculated measure Issues due in time uses the formula above as a filter to compare if the issue is resolved before or within the due date.