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Returns the default member of a dimension or hierarchy (which typically is All member).






MDX expression that returns dimension (default hierarchy)

or specified hierarchy.


[Issue].DefaultMember returns All Issues default member.

[Time.Weekly].DefaultMember returns All Times default member from Weekly hierarchy.

Any default measure in eazyBI is related to Time dimension. Some scenarios requires ignoring this default mapping by Time dimension to get needed results. The following example will count total days an issue spent in any status from status category Done. eazyBI by default will split Days in transition status by any period when an issue moved from a status. If the issue was open for a longer period and had several status changes over time, the formula should ignore Time to get a total time the issue spent in those statuses. The example uses a tuple with time default member [Time].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember to pull in total time no matter when any status change was done. 

([Measures].[Days in transition status],
[Transition Status.Category].[In Progress],

See example report Control chart (cycle time) in our demo account. Calculated measure Rolling average cycle time uses the formula above as a part of the calculation to get a total time an issue spent in any status from status category In Progress.