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EAZYBI Extracts string fragment using regular expression.


 ExtractString(String_Expression, regular_expression, group)


String_ExpressionMDX expression that returns string which should be parsed using regular expression.
regular_expressionRegular expression string that should be used to parse string.
groupMatched regular expression group (in parenthesis) that should be returned. If no group is specified then all matched string will be returned.


ExtractString('Estimate:5h. Left:2h.', '.*Left:(\d+).*', 1) will return '2' 

It uses a regular expression which will match Left: followed by one or more digits and will return this first matched group which is (\d+).

The formula below will extract a number of the sprint if the sprint name contains this pattern Sprint <number>, for example, Sprint 30, D1 Sprint 30, etc. The sprint number is transferred to numeric with function Val and used in comparison to the value 30.

Val(ExtractString([Sprint].CurrentMember.Name, '.*Sprint (\d+)',1)) >=30

See sample report Sprint gantt chart in our Demo account. The report has a sprint calculated member  Sprints 30+ as a selection on Pages. The calculated member Sprints 30+ uses the formula above as a part of the calculation to identify sprints with number >= 30 that could be used as a sprint selection on Pages.

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