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EAZYBI Returns the start date of the next time period.




Time_Member_ExpressionMDX expression that returns the time dimension member.


[Time].CurrentMember.NextStartDate for a month period will return next month start date (with time 00:00:00), for a day period will return next day start date and so on.

[Time].CurrentMember.NextStartDate will return the same result as [Time].CurrentMember.NextMember.StartDate if the current Time member has a next member. But it is safer to use NextStartDate as it will return the next start date also for the last Time dimension member.

  DateWithoutTime([Sprint].CurrentMember.get('Activated date')),

The formula above will calculate the workdays from Sprint actual start date till each date on a timeline (1 for the first day in the sprint, 2 for the second day in the sprint, etc.). The calculation is used within a default measure for Jira Software Sprint Story Points guideline. See it in the sample report Sprint story points burn-down in our demo account.

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