Git commit log

If you are software developer and using Git version control system then you might be interested what valuable or just funny analytical information you can get out of your Git commit logs

  • How is your code size changing over time?
  • Which files are changed the most?
  • Who are the most active contributors to which parts of code base?
  • Which hours during the day and which days of the week are the most productive?
  • etc.

Try live demo of Ruby on Rails commit log or Atlassian Connect commit log dashboards.

How to analyze your Git commit log

Go to your project directory and from command line store git commit log in file using the following command (you can use different file name as well but please use .txt file extension).

On windows:

set LC_ALL=C.UTF-8
git log --numstat > git-log.txt

On UNIX like:

export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
git log --numstat > git-log.txt

Then sign up for eazyBI and create new account and select subscription plan. If you have just hundreds or couple of thousands commits then FREE plan should be enough for you, if you want to analyze open source project commit log then you can use PUBLIC plan. But if you would like to analyze larger private project commit logs then select BASIC subscription plan.

After creating account go to Source Data tab and upload your git-log.txt file - it should be recognized as Git log file. Click Import button to start file import and after short while it should be imported and you can go to Analyze tab and start analyzing it.

You can import sample reports or dashboards by visiting demo dashboards above and by exporting and importing dashboard definitions into your account.