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Issue transitions by users
eazyBI for Jira

This example shows issue transitions by transition author and issue assignee.  

Report has Transition Author and Assignee dimensions on rows. The Transition Author dimension shows user who actually transited issue from one status to another. The Assignee dimension displays user who was assigned to the issue during this transition.

Report has Transition Status dimension with bookmarked status categories members “In Progress”, “Done” and measures Transitions to status, Transitions to status issues count on columns.  Transitions to status represents how many times author has transited issues to the next status; Transitions to status issues count represents distinct issue count of transited issues.

Row has measures highlighted in red, in the case when unassigned issues have changed status.

If you would like to see the list of transited issues click on table cell you are interested in and select Drill through Issue.

If you use hosted service then your Jira version should be 5.2.7 or later. Earlier versions did not support issue change log. Please read more about Import of status transitions.