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Cloning of eazyBI environments
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When you use eazyBI in several Jira environments then in each environment you should use a separate eazyBI database (that you specify in eazyBI settings).

If several eazyBI environments will use the same eazyBI database then it will result in data corruption.

eazyBI database connection parameters are stored in the JIRA_HOME/eazybi.toml configuration file. If you copy the Jira home directory to a different environment then please update the database connection parameters in this file to point to a separate eazyBI database (or remove database connection settings and then specify them from the eazyBI settings page).

Starting from the version 6.2, eazyBI for Jira Server and Data Center checks if another eazyBI instance from a different host, IP address, or another Jira base URL has connected to the current eazyBI database. If such connections are detected, a warning message is shown whenever the Settings are opened:

eazyBI from another Jira instance has recently connected to this eazyBI database

This message will be shown if there are such connection events detected within the last week.

If you would like to copy the eazyBI database to a different environment then you can use the database migrator.