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Using custom schema with HP Vertica database
Private eazyBI

You can use Private eazyBI custom schema with data warehouse in HP Vertica database. You can start with HP Vertica Community Edition which is free to use for up to 1TB data. Also please take into account that you still need additional database (like MySQL or PostgreSQL) for the main Private eazyBI database.

Database connection setup

Download the latest Vertica JDBC driver and copy vertica.jar file to eazybi_private/lib directory to ensure that it is loaded during Private eazyBI startup.

In eazybi.toml configure which eazyBI account should use Vertica database connection (in this example the account with a name "Vertica account"). Replace vertica-* placeholders with corresponding host, database, user and password.

# Settings for accounts with custom schemas
[accounts."Vertica account"]
driver = "jdbc"
jdbc_driver = "com.vertica.jdbc.Driver"
jdbc_url = "jdbc:vertica://vertica-host/vertica-database"
username = "vertica-user"
password = "vertica-user-password"
schema_rb = "schemas/vertica_schema.rb"

After that create custom schema in config/schemas/vertica_schema.rb (or use another file name) and create corresponding eazyBI account.

Using example VMart database

If you have imported a sample VMart database in your Vertica instance then you can use the attached example custom schema definition in vmart_schema.rb file.