Embedded iframe visible to non-Jira users

If you want to publish eazyBI reports and dashboards to other Jira and Confluence users then use eazyBI gadgets in Jira dashboards.

This page describes how to make a report or dashboard visible to users who do not have Jira access. If you have not read it yet then take a look at Reports and dashboards in iframe from eazyBI core documentation.

Embedded iframes with access tokens are available in eazyBI Cloud PLUS plan, eazyBI Private Unlimited Users plan, eazyBI for Jira Cloud and starting from the eazyBI version 4.4 for Jira Server.

Starting from Jira 7.6 due to security headers to view embedded report/dashoard from another domain you have to disable Content-Security-Policy by setting this startup option into  <jira-install>/bin/setenv.sh (or setenv.bat on Windows)


If you would like to share a report (or a dashboard) then select Embed report from the top right toolbar:

Then select Enable public access with a token:

You will see that an additional embed_token will be added to the iframe URL. This token is unique for this report (or dashboard) and will be used to authenticate that anonymous users can see report results for this specific report.

If you need to disable sharing of this report then unselect this checkbox and save it. You can also regenerate the access token to invalidate the previous one.

In addition you can change the options how report will be displayed (with or without header and border) and which actions can or cannot be performed by end users in the embedded report.

In addition you can enable the automatic refresh option – it could be used, for example, if a report or dashboard is displayed on a large screen in a hallway and should be automatically refreshed to show the latest report results.

Please save the changes before embedding an iframe in another page.

Please do not enable public access with a token to highly sensitive data. Access tokens can be seen by any user accessing the public page and can be used to embed the report also in another pages. Public users can also use drill into the details of the reports and see more data in the same eazyBI account.

Disable this feature

You can completly disable this feature by adding these lines to advanced settings.

embed_reports_with_token = false