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What is eazyBI account

One eazyBI account contains a set of data which can be analyzed by one or many account users. In any given time, you can work with one selected current account (you will see the current account on top right header menu). You can select current account either from Home tab or from account selection drop-down in the top right header menu.

In the example below, a user has access to two eazyBI accounts and only for one account is an owner.

Who can create an account

Only eazyBI admin or Jira system administrator can create a new eazyBI account.

A user who creates the account is the default owner of the account. We recommend changing the owner for the account to a user who will be responsible for the data and users administration in that account.

Who can access reports on the account

Access to the eazyBI account is managed in each eazyBI account separately. Jira users or user groups must be added to each account as users in order to access reports and dashboards.

The only exception is eazyBI admin and Jira system administrators who can access all accounts and reports even without having a dedicated user role.

You can restrict user access to folders and dashboards, and data using Data access roles.

One user can have different roles in different eazyBI accounts.