User interface customization

Available from eazyBI version 4.6.0

Stylesheets and JavaScript files

eazyBI provides several options to customize the user interface. Please use customizations only when it is critical for your organization as the customizations might interfere with the standard eazyBI functionality and may conflict with future eazyBI versions. Please review and retest your customizations after each eazyBI version upgrade.

You can use additional stylesheets to change CSS styles or use additional JavaScript files with customizations.

Please create the JIRA_HOME/data/eazybi/custom directory – all customizations will be added in sub-directories of this directory. Add your custom stylesheets in the subdirectory stylesheets and your custom JavaScript files in the subdirectory javascripts.

Create a file JIRA_HOME/data/eazybi/custom/layouts/_custom_head.html.haml – in this file, you can specify which additional asset files should be included in the element <head> of eazyBI pages. This file uses HAML markup and special commands to include links to additional asset files.

For example, if you have created a custom stylesheet JIRA_HOME/data/eazybi/custom/stylesheets/custom.css, then create the _custom_head.html.haml file and include in it the following line

= custom_stylesheet_link "custom"

As a result, your custom CSS styles will be included in all eazyBI pages.

Please see an example of how to add a new custom chart type JavaScript files to eazyBI.