Import source files from directory

If you would like to set up automatic source file import from private eazyBI server directory then in private eazyBI main directory create additional directory import and then create sub-directories for each account using account_id as directory name (e.g. for first eazyBI account create directory import/1).

Then in eazybi.toml file add automatic file import job and specify how frequently it should check import directories (see example in eazybi.toml.sample file):

job = "SourceFile::AutomaticImporter.start_automatic_file_import"
every = "10m"
# or you can specify more complex schedule using cron syntax
# cron = "*/10 * * * *"

After these changes restart private eazyBI server and now it will be checking import directory sub-directories and will automatically import files which will be copied in these directories.