Atlassian Connect integration with Jira Server

Atlassian Connect integration is available starting from the Private eazyBI version 3.2.0.

Atlassian Connect plugins are not officially supported by Atlassian for Jira Server. This integration might not work for the future versions of Jira Server.

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Atlassian Connect framework allows to build add-ons for Atlassian applications like Jira. Private eazyBI supports Atlassian Connect framework and allows to host the eazyBI add-on for Jira Server. Private eazyBI with Atlassian Connect eazyBI add-on is similar to eazyBI add-on for Jira Server but with the following differences:

  • eazyBI add-on for Jira Server runs inside the same Jira JVM process and is sharing the same JVM process resources (CPU and Java heap memory). It is possible to launch a separate eazyBI child process where report queries are executed and this will minimize the impact on the main Jira JVM process.
    Private eazyBI runs as a standalone process and can be run on the same server as Jira or also on a different server.
  • eazyBI add-on for Jira Server uses Jira Java API to import Jira issues.
    Private eazyBI uses Jira REST API to import Jira issues.
    Some Jira custom fields might not expose all the necessary information in Jira REST API results that is needed in eazyBI. Large Jira data import using REST API is also slower compared to import using Jira Java API.
  • eazyBI add-on for Jira Server provides eazyBI reports and dashboards as Jira dashboard gadgets.
    Private eazyBI supports Atlassian Connect dashboard items which are not available in Jira versions 6.3 and 6.4, but are available starting from the Jira version 7.


  • Jira versions 6.3, 6.4, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 are supported.
  • Jira should be accessed via HTTPS. It is recommended to use Apache or nginx front-end web server as a proxy and handle SSL / HTTPS connection in the front-end web server.
  • Private eazyBI should be accessed via HTTPS. You can use the same Apache or nginx front-end web server as for Jira.

Atlassian Connect installation in Jira server

It is necessary to install several Jira plugins to provide Atlassian Connect functionality. Copy the download URLs for each plugin and then upload and install them in Jira Add-ons manager.

Please use the plugin versions that correspond to your Jira version.

 JIRA 6.3 plugins
PluginVersionDownload URL
Atlassian JWT1.1.0Download
Atlassian Webhooks1.0.6Download
Atlassian JSON Validator1.0.4Download
Atlassian Connect1.1.4Download
 JIRA 6.4 plugins
PluginVersionDownload URL
Atlassian JWT1.3.0Download
Atlassian Webhooks2.0.2Download
Atlassian JSON Validator1.0.4Download
Atlassian Connect1.1.26Download
 JIRA 7.x plugins
PluginVersionDownload URL
Atlassian JWT1.5.4Download
Atlassian JSON Validator1.0.4Download
Atlassian Connect1.1.64Download

Install and setup Private eazyBI

Install Private eazyBI, create the system administrator user and set up the database.

Please take into account that Private eazyBI requires a separate database. If you are currently using the eazyBI Jira plugin then you cannot use the same eazybi_jira database also for Private eazyBI. Later it is planned to provide a database migration tool if you would like to migrate all your eazyBI Jira plugin users, accounts and reports to Private eazyBI.

If you will run the Private eazyBI process on the same server as Jira process then please take into account that both Jira and Private eazyBI by default use port 8080 for HTTP connection. Change Private eazyBI port to a different available port if Jira is already using port 8080.

Please set up also HTTPS connection for Private eazyBI. You can use the same Apache or nginx front-end server and set up to proxy requests with /eazybi prefix to Private eazyBI and all the other requests to Jira Server. If you have your Jira base URL as https://JIRA_HOST then you can set up that https://JIRA_HOST/eazybi will be proxied to Private eazyBI.

It is recommended to use a SSL certificate from a CA vendor as self-signed SSL certificates will not be validated by Java and by browsers.

If you still want to use self-signed SSL certificates then use SSL for Jira plugin which helps to add self-signed certificates to Java keystore. As well as in eazybi.toml file add the following to skip Jira SSL certificate validation in eazyBI:

skip_ssl_verification = true

Install eazyBI add-on descriptor

Open in your browser https://EAZYBI_HOST/eazybi/atlassian-connect/eazybi-jira/atlassian-connect.json (where EAZYBI_HOST is the same as JIRA_HOST if you use the same front-end web server as a proxy). If you see the JSON document then save it as a file.

If you are installing eazyBI add-on for the Jira version 7.x then use https://EAZYBI_HOST/eazybi/atlassian-connect/eazybi-jira/atlassian-connect.json?jiraDashboardItems – it will enable eazyBI Jira dashboard items which are available starting from the Jira version 7.0.

In Jira go to Administration / Manage add-ons, then click on the "Upload add-on" and upload the saved descriptor file. Please do not specify the descriptor URL directory in the "Upload add-on" dialog as then it will fail.

If the eazyBI add-on descriptor is installed successfully then click Configure button and you should be redirected to the eazyBI Source Data page in the created eazyBI account. You should also see eazyBI top navigation link in your Jira.