Monitoring with VisualVM

These are instructions for the latest Private eazyBI version 3.0.

VisualVM is a visual tool for monitoring Java applications and can be used to monitor Private eazyBI JVM process.

Connecting to a local Private eazyBI

If you can run VisualVM on the same server with the same user which runs Private eazyBI then simply start VisualVM and connect to the org.torquebox.core.TorqueBoxMain application.

Connecting to a remote Private eazyBI

If Private eazyBI runs on a different server than VisualVM or if it runs on the same server but from a different user then you need to set up JMX remote connection.

Edit bin/ or bin\start.bat file and see an example of JMX settings in JAVA_OPTS variable (after the comment "Enable remote JMX connection to specified port"). Please specify the necessary JMX connection port number in property.

In VisualVM add a new JMX connection and specify the hostname of eazyBI server and JMX port that you specified.