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EAZYBI Calculates the sum of visible row values cumulatively.
This function uses report visible members only and will not return expected results when drilling into details . We recommend disabling drill actions with special annotations comments.

This function is available on eazyBI Cloud and starting from the eazyBI version 6.5.





MDX expression that returns a number


The following formula will count created issues for rows cumulatively.

-- annotations.disable_drill=true
CumulativeSum([Measures].[Issues created])

The following formula calculates the % of resolved issues cumulatively. 

-- annotations.disable_drill=true
CumulativeSum([Measures].[Issues resolved %])

See report example Lead time distribution in our demo account. The measure Cumulative issues resolved % uses this formula added via default calculations: Add calculated > cumulative sum > including empty for measure Issues resolved %

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