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Returns a user-friendly member name with the default data type. Useful when addressing members in non-primary hierarchies for the dimension.





MDX expression that returns a member.


GetCaption would return a display name for a dimension member in a user-friendly format. This function can be used on any dimension (regardless of the field type).

For example, when importing data from Jira, eazyBI creates the "Issue" dimension with multiple hierarchies (default and Issue.Sub-task). The default hierarchy has just two levels: Project > Issue. The second hierarchy groups issues by issue type levels (Project > Epic > Parent > Sub-task).

For default hierarchy, you can use the Name function to return the full name (issue key and summary) of a member:


However, it won't work the same for other (not default) hierarchies in the "Issue" dimension. You can return the user-friendly name for members from other hierarchies using the GetCaption function:


If there is just one hierarchy for the dimension, GetCaption will return the same results as the Name function. 

Another example is to search and filter Approvals dimension members to which the report's current user name belongs.

    CurrentUserName() MATCHES 

The following code would return a user-friendly name for the "Approvals" dimension member, which is usually a comma-separated string of users since the dimension Approvals is imported from a multi-user picker custom field.


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