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A tuple is a collection of member(s) with the restriction that only one member in the tuple can be from the same dimension. A tuple uniquely identifies a slice of data from a cube, and it represents a single data cell if all dimensions are represented.


 ( tuple )


tupleCombination of members from different dimensions in MDX syntax (member_1, member_2, ..., member n)


Tuples can be useful when creating new calculated measures to calculate results for a specific set of members from dimensions, even if dimensions are not used in the report context directly (rows/pages/columns).

There are several ways to create reports with tuples.

For example, to compare the results from the filtered report context with results from a specific set.

The Issues created measure, in this example, would calculate the Issues created value for Issue type dimension member Bug and Priority dimension member High regardless of the report context (other dimensions used as filters).

  [Issue Type].[Bug],
  [Measures].[Issues created]

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