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Export and import report definitions

If you have several eazyBI accounts or several eazyBI environments (development, test, production), you can export report definitions from one eazyBI account and import them into another eazyBI account. This action copies the structure of the report between accounts, but it does not move the report from the source account. 

You can export and import definitions of sample reports from our Demo Account.

To export an individual report definition click on other report actions in the report header toolbar and select Export definition.

Report definition contains information on report structure (dimensions on rows, pages, columns, selected measures, and formulas for calcualted members) but does not contain the data (results).

You will see the report definition in JSON format, please copy this report definition for pasting it in the other eazyBI environment. Exported report definition will also include all calculated member definitions that are used and needed for this report.

You can also export all report definitions for the selected cube from the Analyze tab by clicking Export reports [1]. If you have any private reports they will not be exported with all report definitions. Then you can visit a different eazyBI account where you wish to import one or several exported reports and click Import reports [2].

In Import report definition dialog paste previously copied one or several report definition export results.

If there will be any warnings, please review them and confirm that you would like to continue with report import. After import will be finished you will be able to see and use imported reports in your eazyBI account.

Reports from Template accounts

If you are using Template accounts in eazyBI, you can have the same report definition imported automatically on each recipient account.