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Date filters

When filtering either a measure column with date values (click on the column header and select Filter rows) or Time dimension members on rows (click on Time dimension member row header and select Filter time) you can use either the exact date name or relative date descriptions.

For other options on how to filter data by date or periods see filtering time.

Exact dates

When specifying date filter you can specify date in different formats, e.g. Dec 14 2012 or 2012-12-14.

If you specify just month (Dec 2012) then it will be the same as the first date of the month (Dec 01 2012).

If you specify just year (2012) then it will be the same as the first date of the year (Jan 01 2012).

Relative dates

If you want to specify a dynamic date range then you can use the following relative date names which will be calculated as an offset from the current date during the report data query. Here are examples of relative dates:

  • todaytomorrowyesterday
  • 1 day ago30 days ago (past dates)
  • 1 day from now30 days from now (future dates)
  • 1 week ago4 weeks ago1 week from now4 weeks from now
  • 1 month ago3 months ago1 month from now3 months from now
  • 1 year ago2 years ago1 year from now2 years from now

Those are the most commonly used expressions. For more examples of how to specify a dynamic date, please see Chronic library (which is used by eazyBI) here: Relative dates with a time component, like last tuesday at 8PM work only for calculated measures.

Relative date ranges

If you click on date columns and select Filter rows / between or if you put Time dimension on rows and click on the year, quarter, month, week or day row header and select Filter by name / between then you can enter a dynamic date range that will be calculated from the current date.

For example Time between

  • 30 days ago and today
  • 1 week ago and 3 months from now
  • last wednesday
  • beginning of last month and one day before first day of current month


Please find a short video on how to use a dynamic date filter when the "Time" dimension is used in rows of your report.



In this video, I will show how to use dynamic date filters.
This approach would work only when the "Time" dimension is used in report rows.

To filter the report by dynamic time periods, you can click on the name for any member from the "Time" dimension and choose to filter the time in the report.

If you want to show a specific range select option between type the beginning and end of the time range.

For example, let's filter the time between 1st of January 2018 and 1st of Nov 2018
Now let's disable this filter and look at an example to filter time between relative dates.
For example, let's filter the time between 1 year ago and today

Find more examples in our documentation page

Have fun with dynamic date filters.

Thank you for watching!