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Advanced Roadmaps custom fields
eazyBI for Jira

Advanced Roadmaps (formerly Portfolio for Jira) is available for the eazyBI for Jira Server and Data Center and eazyBI for Jira Cloud (additional configuration required; see under Jira Cloud description).

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Advanced Roadmaps for Jira custom fields import

If you use Advanced Roadmaps (formerly Portfolio), then the following additional custom field types are available in the Jira import add-on selection:

Earliest start

Advanced Roadmaps property Earliest start can be imported as measure and property.

Original story pointsOriginal story points can be imported as measure and property.
Parent Link

Parent Link custom field can be imported as property. Parent Link custom field import will create a new hierarchy Portfolio in Issue dimension.

Epic Link from the Jira import default tab is required to build the Portfolio hierarchy as well.

In addition, the set of properties, one for each hierarchy level Issue Portfolio <level name>, will be created in the Issue Properties section.

Target endTarget end can be imported as measure and property.
Target startTarget start can be imported as measure and property.
TeamAdvanced Roadmaps custom field Team could be imported as dimension and property.
Theme Custom field Theme could be imported as a dimension and property.

Jira Cloud

Advanced Roadmaps for Jira does not yet provide public Rest API, and therefore eazyBI cannot access all necessary information. Therefore, Advanced Roadmaps for Jira hierarchy configuration must be maintained in eazyBI advanced settings in parallel with Jira.

To enable Advanced Roadmaps data import in Jira Cloud, please add to the eazyBI advanced settings:

enable = true

If you would like to build an Advanced roadmaps hierarchy in the Issue dimension, add the following definition for custom field Parent Link to advanced settings. The Levels and Issue Types should match the configuration in Jira Advanced Roadmaps. You can add more than one issue type in each level, starting from Epic:

hierarchy_levels = [
	{name = "Initiative", issue_type = ["Initiative", "Programm"]},
	{name = "Feature", issue_type = "Feature"},
	{name = "Epic", issue_type = ["Epic", "Improvement"]},
	{name = "Parent"},
	{name = "Sub-task"}

Please use Parent Link custom field ID instead of NNNNN in the definition above.
After advanced settings are updated, the Jira custom field "Parent link" must be selected from the import options page. New Advanced Roadmaps hierarchy will be created in Issue dimension after first data import since advanced settings are updated.
If the settings in Jira change, they should be manually updated in eazyBI as well.

Private eazyBI

You can import Advanced Roadmaps custom fields also when using Private eazyBI. Add the following settings in the configuration file config/eazybi.toml configuration file to enable Advanced Roadmaps data import. There are more details on the needed configuration for data from Jira apps.