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Data residency
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Data residency is available in eazyBI for Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud. If you are interested in getting access to US data residency then please contact eazyBI support and describe why it is important for you.

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Atlassian's data residency feature allows customers to select where their in-scope product data are stored. Atlassian Marketplace apps that store customer data do not use the same Atlassian's data residency locations, and they manage their data storage locations separately.

eazyBI for Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud by default store data in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) europe-west1 data center in Belgium. Read more in eazyBI for Jira Cloud Security Statement and eazyBI for Confluence Cloud Security Statement. eazyBI is starting to provide additional data residency options for in-scope data (see below) to allow customers to be compliant with their data management requirements.

Other data residency options are recommended only for data storage compliance requirements. For the best performance, eazyBI recommends using the default data storage location in the EU (GCP Europe-West1 data center in Belgium) that has the best performance and scalability capacity.

Data residency regions

eazyBI provides the following data storage locations in the Google Cloud Platform regions.

Data residency regionGoogle Cloud Platform
Default (EU)europe-west1 (Belgium)
United States (US)us-east4 (Virginia, US)

In-scope product data

This table lists in-scope eazyBI data types that can be pinned to a specific region and out-of-scope product data that can’t. In-scope and out-of-scope data types are defined similar to Atlassian's in-scope product data.

Product✅ Can be pinned❌ Can't be pinned
eazyBI for Jira Cloud
  • Imported Jira core data (issue key, summary, project, component, issue type, status, priority, resolution, fix and affects versions, reporter, assignee, label, security level, issue created, due and resolved dates, original and remaining estimated hours, hours logged by user, selected custom fields, issue changelog)
  • Imported Jira Software data (boards, sprints)
  • Imported Jira Service Management data (SLAs, assets)
  • Imported data from Jira apps

eazyBI for Confluence Cloud
  • Imported Confluence data (page title, type, labels, creator, creation and update dates, page views by viewers, search queries)

All eazyBI products
  • Imported data from REST API, SQL databases, Google spreadsheets
  • Uploaded CSV, Excel files
  • User information (display name, Atlassian account ID)
  • eazyBI account information
  • Report and chart metadata (report definition, calculation formulas, description, alert definitions)
  • Dashboard metadata (dashboard definition, description, subscriptions)
  • Data source metadata (definition, custom JavaScript code)
  • Cached content (up to 30 days)
  • Data in transit (up to 30 days)
  • Product, audit, and operational logs
  • Product analytics (including usage statistics)

Select data residency region

If data residency is enabled for your site by eazyBI support then site administrators can change the data residency region from site settings.

Change Default (EU) to US if you would like to migrate your site's in-scope data to the US data residency region.

After the change, background jobs will be started that will migrate all imported data in all site accounts to the new data residency region. All eazyBI reports will be available during the data migration. After the migration eazyBI will automatically switch over to the new data residency region.

Site administrators can view the current data residency region of each account in the All accounts page. If the account has been migrated to the US region, then there will be the US data residency label next to its name: