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Until June 2021, eazyBI used to have two separate eazyBI for Jira apps on Atlassian Marketplace – one for Jira Cloud and one for Jira Server/Data Center. For clarity, simplicity, and customer convenience, we have decided to merge these two apps into one eazyBI for Jira app on Atlassian Marketplace.

Merging eazyBI for Jira apps on Atlassian Marketplace requires action from existing eazyBI for Jira Cloud customers.

Action required!

Starting June 6, 2021, all sites that have not migrated to the new listing will see that the eazyBI app name has the extension (old). This is an indication that you have not migrated to the new app yet. 

How to Switch to the New App?

Please perform the following steps to migrate to the new eazyBI for Jira app.

  1. In Jira, go to Apps > Find new apps from the App management dropdown in your Jira site. Find the eazyBI Reports and Charts for Jira app. 
  2. Install the eazyBI for Jira app. 
  3. From Apps > Manage apps section click Unsubscribe and then Uninstall the old eazyBI app that has the extension (old).

After the above steps, you can keep using eazyBI as previously. All your accounts, reports and dashboards, and Jira dashboard items will be available from the new eazyBI app.

The above steps need to be performed only once per the Jira site. 


If you have a Monthly license, you can install the new app at any time. Please make sure you have performed step 3 from above to stop the subscription to the (old) app.

For the Annual license, we suggest you stop the trial of the new app right after installing it to avoid double billing. By unsubscribing, you end the trial and won't be billed for the app, but this does not delete any app data or impact the usage of the app.

It is safe to stop the trial of the new app from the app manager. The app manager will say that eazyBI is unlicensed. Do not worry.

As you have already paid for the app, your eazyBI license will be automatically extended until the end of your current eazyBI license end date. You will see an info note about this in the new eazyBI app: Your old eazyBI for Jira Cloud app subscription is valid until YYYY-MM-DD. We will remind you to start the trial of the new eazyBI for Jira Cloud app when less than 30 days will be remaining.

When the license approaches the expiration date, you will get an in-app warning to start a new subscription. 


How will this migration impact my eazyBI Cloud accounts and published reports?

There will be no impact on the eazyBI functionality. You will see the same eazyBI accounts, reports, dashboards, and all Jira dashboard items will automatically display from the new app as soon as you install it. 

How will this impact reports published in Confluence Cloud?

The Confluence app and the gadgets published in Confluence Cloud through the eazyBI app are not affected by this change.

Do I need to make any backups before migrating?

No, backups are not necessary from your side. Be assured that the eazyBI team performs regular backups, and they will be available in case of some unexpected behavior. eazyBI staff will be monitoring the app migration process closely.

How will the migration to the new eazyBI Cloud app impact our current license?

Your eazyBI license will still be valid in the new app until it expires. After that, you will need to subscribe to the new app license. Please see the Licensing section regarding Monthly and Annual licenses.

Is there any pricing difference between the old app and the new app?

This app listing migration does not have an impact on eazyBI pricing - the pricing model for the previous eazyBI app and the new eazyBI app is the same.

For any additional questions, please contact eazyBI support.