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eazyBI for Confluence Data Center Security Statement
eazyBI for Confluence

Please see eazyBI for Confluence Cloud Security Statement instead of this page if you are using Confluence Cloud.


eazyBI for Confluence Data Center is a Confluence Data Center app which:

  • is installed on the Confluence Server or Confluence Data Center;
  • imports data from Confluence using Java API or from other specified data sources;
  • stores the data in the eazyBI database;
  • provides reports, charts, and dashboards from imported data in the eazyBI database.

eazyBI for Confluence Data Center stores all data on customer servers and does not use any external hosted services.

Stored Confluence data

eazyBI for Confluence Data Center is using Confluence content search Java API to import data from selected spaces, as well as store page view events in selected spaces and search performed events. eazyBI is storing in its own database just the dimension and measure data which are visible in the Analyze tab Confluence cube – page title, type, labels, creator, creation and update dates, page views by viewers, search queries. eazyBI does not store detailed page content, comments, and attachments.

In addition, additional data can be imported from other data sources using REST API or SQL.

Data protection

  • eazyBI is hosted in the customer's infrastructure and the customer is responsible for data protection controls including but not limited to: data backup and recovery, user accesses and roles administration and maintaining the security of them.
  • Each eazyBI account imported data are stored in a separate database schema and are isolated from data in other eazyBI accounts.
  • Each incoming web request is authenticated and authorized before access to the corresponding account data is allowed.
  • eazyBI keeps logs of all web requests allowing to trace all activities of the users in eazyBI. Log files are stored in the log directory of the Confluence server.

People and Access

eazyBI is responsible for providing support to eazyBI customers. The eazyBI support team might request customer's log files or some specific limited application data only for purposes of problem troubleshooting or help with eazyBI administration and usage.


For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

Effective as of September 20, 2019.