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You can use specify eazyBI advanced settings in the config/eazybi.toml configuration file. The configuration file uses TOML format. Please see comments and commented examples for each section in this file.

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Performance optimization and tuning

Increase query timeout

By default, there is 60 seconds query timeout after which report generated queries will be canceled. The purpose of this timeout is to avoid too long execution of too complex ad-hoc queries (when you join too many dimensions in rows or columns).

If you have reports that fail the query timeout error and you need help optimizing these reports, then please export and send the report definition to eazyBI support.

If you still would like to increase this timeout value then change the default 60 to a different value:

"mondrian.rolap.queryTimeout" = 120

If you import data from SQL source you can increase the timeout with the following settings:

connect_timeout = 20
read_timeout = 600
query_timeout = 600

Increase concurrent report queries

The default number of max concurrent eazyBI report queries is 10. If more MDX queries are made simultaneously, then new queries will wait until previous will finish.

If you have a powerful server with many CPU cores and you would like to allow more concurrent MDX queries then you can increase max queries value in eazyBI advanced settings with:

"mondrian.rolap.maxQueryThreads" = 20

If you change several Mondrian settings then use just the one [mondrian] section.

Enable Mondrian debug logging

If you would like to debug Mondrian MDX queries, that are generated by eazyBI, or to see all executed SQL statements then you can enable Mondrian MDX and SQL logging with

"mondrian" = "ERROR"
"mondrian.mdx" = "DEBUG"
"mondrian.sql" = "DEBUG"

You can see the Mondrian debug log in the log/eazybi-mondrian.log file.

Enable Mondrian request profiling

Available from the eazyBI version 4.6.0.

If you want to investigate Mondrian MDX queries and executed SQL statements for individual reports, then you can enable Mondrian request profiling with

enable = "system_admin"

You can specify which user role will be able to perform request profiling: system_admin (only system admins), owner (only account owners and system admins), report_admin (only account report admins and system admins), user (any user who can create reports).

Then, go to the Analyze tab and Enable profiling in the other report actions dropdown. After that, every next request execution will be profiled and you can view the last profiling result with Show profiling result.

Please send the report definition and profiling result to eazyBI support if you need help with report performance optimization.

Currently, Mondrian request profiling for reports in accounts with a custom schema will not include SQL queries that are generated by Mondrian. In other accounts SQL queries are filtered by standard table schema prefixes but in custom schemas currently there is no standard way how to identify these Mondrian queries.

SSRF protection

Available from the eazyBI version 4.6.0.

SSRF (Server Side Request Forgery) protection allows to prevent eazyBI REST API and SQL import from other hosts in the same local network where the eazyBI server is running. By default SSRF protection is disabled.

Enable SSRF protection with:

enable = true

If you would like to allow REST API import or SQL import access to some IP addresses in the same local network, then specify allowed_ip_addresses setting. In addition, you can specify restricted_ip_addresses to specify additional IP addresses (which are not in the local network) from which REST API import and SQL import should be restricted.

enable = true
allowed_ip_addresses = ["", ""]
restricted_ip_addresses = ["", ""]

In addition to this, you can use your own external proxy and then allow/restrict IP addresses in the proxy configuration. The proxy will only work for REST API import, not for SQL import.

enable = true
proxy = ""