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Calculates the value only once per report execution per each column and stores those values in the cache.  It can be useful when each row of the same column should use the same result of the calculation. 




ExpressionMDX expression that typically returns a measure, a tuple, or a string.


Function ConstantColumnValue is used in default report calculations for the option Add calculated:  Average, Median, Min, and Max, % of Total

The formula example below is the standard statistical Median calculation calculated for Average progress days (Issue cycle for Progress category).

CASE WHEN NOT IsEmpty([Measures].[Average Progress days]) THEN
    Median(VisibleRowsSet(), [Measures].[Average Progress days])

See the report example Control chart (Progress cycle) in our demo account.  The measure Median Average Progress days created with standard calculation Add calculated > Statistical > Median uses the formula above.

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