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EAZYBI Returns Time dimension hierarchy level members between two specified dates.


Time_Level_Expression.DateMembersBetween(from_date, to_date)


MDX expression that returns Time dimension hierarchy level.


Expression that returns the period start date (included)


Expression that returns the period end date (included)


For from_date and to_date you can use also a string expression, that can be parsed with DateParse or relative dates.


The following formula will pull in Time dimension Month level members that represent last 12 months, including the current month.

  [Time].[Month].DateMembersBetween('12 months ago', 'today')

See sample report Created vs resolved issues over time in our demo account. The default calculated member Last 12 months uses the formula above to show past rolling 12 month from today. You can see more examples of Time calculated members in our demo account. 

Note: To retrieve all date members between two given dates, they should be imported in the Time dimension. For future periods, it is advised to add missing Time dimension members.