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Sprint issues by status category at sprint end
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The report displays the status category for the issues at the moment the sprint was closed.

How to build it

To build this report, start with the table view and select the Sprint dimension in Rows, select "Sprint" level from the default hierarchy. Enable the "Nonepmty" option for Rows.

In the Measures dimension, select measure Sprint issues at closing and unselect default measure "Issues created". Measure Sprint issues at closing counts how many issues were at the moment when the Sprint was closed. Select option "Hide empty rows" to hide rows without data.

Use Transition Status dimension in Columns and select "Category" level from the "Category" hierarchy. This dimension together with the measure "Sprint issues at closing" displays the historical status for the issues at the moment sprint was closed.

In Pages select dimension "Project" for filtering. When the sample report is created in eazyBI, eazyBI automatically selects the first project with report measures for filtering.

Then switch to the Bar tab and select Stacked and show Data labels from toolbox options. Change colors for "Status" dimension members.

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