Training videos

Here we have gathered video recordings from our events that you can use for shaping your skills with eazyBI. Most of the training sessions are based on data from Jira; however, the concepts remain the same for other data sources.

The videos are ordered based on the complexity of the topic; however, it is not compulsory to keep the given sequence of the topics. You can pick the ones most suited for you. 

1. A general overview of Measures and Dimensions (2 min)

2. Basic training (2 hours)

In this training video are covered basic functionality and available options of eazyBI.

  • Data Model and multi-dimensional data cube,
  • Installation and setup
  • Data import from Jira,
  • Report and Chart creation,
  • Reports Publishing options.

Slides: Basic training (2018).pdf

3. MDX ABC: Let’s start at the very beginning (30 min)

How to wrap a head around MDX calculations if you are not born as a developer? Start by recognizing MDX building blocks — sets, expressions, aggregations, and take time to understand eazyBI default measures.

Slides: 14-mdx-abcs.pdf


4. It’s About Time (30 min)

Without time, everything would happen at once. Witness how you may integrate the Time dimension in your everyday reporting. 

Slides: eazybi-about-time.pdf

5. How to use Demo account and report templates (30 min)

eazyBI Demo account captures numerous examples of reports you can make using eazyBI. Learn tips and tricks on how to customize these reports to fit your reporting needs.

Slides: 061 Demo Account - Ready, Set, Go.pdf


6. Data visualization: How to pick the right chart type (30 min)

How to turn your numbers into knowledge? Your job is not only to separate noise from the data but also to present it the right way. How do you choose the right chart type and how to use different charts effectively? The do’s and don’ts or data visualization.

See also a blog post on this topic: How to Pick the Right Chart Type?

Slides: 21-data-visualization.pdf


7.  Advanced training (2 hours)

In this training video are covered advanced options of eazyBI.

  • Advanced settings for Jira custom fields
  • Import from other data sources,
  • Data Mapping
  • Calculated members and measures (MDX).

Slides: Advanced training (2018).pdf

8. MDX debugging: How to see through calculated measure (30 min )

Do you ever wonder how calculated measure works and gets to the result? You will learn principles on how to disassemble the calculation to see the results of each step and how to find a faulty part in a formula to fix it.

Slides: 26-how-to-debug-mdx.pdf

9. MDX: Understanding tuples (30 min)

A tuple is one of the calculated measure cornerstones. What exactly is Tuple in a multidimensional cube? How and when to use tuples in MDX formulas? Come to see some real-life examples in eazyBI.

Slides: 25-understanding-tuples.pdf

10. MDX: Handling sets in calculated measures (30 min)

Writing custom MDX calculations that work requires knowledge of basic concepts. A "SET" is one of them. Have you ever wondered what is inside the curly brackets, what means Members and Descendants? The presentation will explain how to construct and use sets in MDX formulas.

Slides: 23-handling-sets.pdf

11. Planning and maintaining eazyBI accounts (40 min)

How many accounts do you have? Are there too many or not enough? Right account setup is a cornerstone to get smooth reports for the right users. And did you know that you can analyze eazyBI with eazyBI?

Slides: 24-eazybi-account-management.pdf