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Sprint Story Points burn-down
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Track the remaining work and forecast the likelihood of achieving the sprint goal. The report shows the current trends and optimal burndown guidelines as well as resolved and remaining story points per selected sprint.

How to build it

To build this report, start with the table view. Add the Time dimension in Rows, select the "Day" level from the default hierarchy to see the information at the day level.  In Pages, select dimension "Sprint" for filtering. When the sample report is created in eazyBI, eazyBI automatically selects the first active sprint with report measures for filtering. 

In the Measures dimension, select measures Time within Sprint and filter the report rows by this measure value with the condition ">0": 

  • Time within Sprint - measure shows if the selected time period is within a sprint time period (from the sprint's actual start date to the planned sprint end date or today if the sprint was not completed in time for the active sprint, or till the actual end date for completed sprints). The measure shows value 1 if the current Time dimension period (typically, days on rows) is within a selected Sprint (typically on pages).

After the filter is applied, remove the measure "Time within Sprint" from the report view, the filter is still active and will filter days from the Time dimension when the sprint was in progress.

Then unselect the default measure "Issues created" and add other measures: 

  • Story Points resolved - the total story points from all resolved issues in the period
  • Cumulative Story Points resolved - cumulative sum by Time dimension of Story Points resolved. Used with the Time dimension Day level, it shows up the burn-up of resolved story points.
  • Sprint Story Points remaining - remaining Story points for the selected Sprint at the end of the day.
  • Sprint Story Point guidelineSprint Story Points guideline shows ideal Story Points resolution guidelines in working days for a selected sprint.

Add standard calculation linear trend to measure "Story Points remaining"; new measure Linear trend Sprint Story Points remaining is created. 

To show this report as a chart, switch to a Line chart, and for measure "Story Points resolved," change the chart type to the column. For measures "Cumulative Story Points resolved" and "Story Points remaining," change the chart type to spline. For measures "Sprint Story Point guideline," select the dashed line and disable the symbol. Change colors for measures in the report. Add a description to the report.

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