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Sprint velocity chart
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Track the amount of work committed and completed from sprint to sprint in the selected project. The report shows only last 10 closed sprints per board with completed story points.

How to build it

To build this report, start with the table view and select the Sprint dimension in Rows, select the "Sprint" level from the "By status" hierarchy to see the report information at the sprint level. 

In the Measures dimension, unselect the default measure "Issues created" and select measures: 

  • Sprint Story Points committed - measure displays the total of Story Points from issues assigned to a selected sprint at the time when the sprint was started. Story points are counted from issues, no matter if they were completed or not at the start of the sprint. 
  • Sprint Story Points completed - the total of Story Points from sprint issues that were completed when the sprint was closed. Issue story points are treated as completed if the issue was in one of the status category "Done" statuses at the sprint completion moment. The board configuration (a column mapping to statuses) is not taken into account for this measure.
  • Last closed sprints by boards - measure ranks all closed sprints by their start date within a board. The measure shows value 1 for the latest sprint that has been closed and then increases to the older closed sprints. You can use the measure and set how many closed sprints of the board you would like to see in a report. 
  • Running Story Points velocity for 5 closed sprints - Calculates the average of resolved Story Points for the current sprint and four previous closed Sprints in the same board. 

Filter the report rows by the measure Last closed sprints by boards with the condition "=<10". Remove the measure "Last closed sprints by boards" from the report view, the filter is still active and will filter the last ten closed sprints in the report. 

In Pages, select the dimension "Project" for filtering. When the sample report is created in eazyBI, eazyBI automatically selects the first project with report measures for filtering. Additionally, add "Issue type" in Pages and select "All Issue Types by type" from "By type" hierarchy to filter issues by Standard issue types. Also, add a "Sprint" dimension in "Pages" and filter all Closed sprints.

To show this report as a chart switch to the Bar tab and select the toolbox options vertical. For measure "Running Story Points velocity for 5 closed sprints," change the type to dash line. Change colors for measures in the report. Add a description to the report.

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