eazyBI macros in Confluence pages

eazyBI reports and dashboards can be published on Confluence pages. This is an easy way how to share eazyBI reports with other users in your organization and manage who can view the reports. Published reports and dashboards are included in page export to PDF and Word document as well.

Notice that eazyBI dashboards and reports will be visible according to eazyBI account users access rights. Even if the Confluence page is shared with everyone, a user will get an error message if none of their user groups have access to eazyBI.

On this page:

Publish reports or dashboards on Confluence pages

When editing a page, just start typing {eazybi and select either eazyBI for Confluence report or eazyBI for Confluence dashboard:

Select from which account you would like to publish a report or dashboard:

Select which report or dashboard you would like to publish:

Modify gadget settings if necessary to specify display options, limit actions available to end users, enable automatic refresh of report results.

Preview results and save them on the page. Do not forget to save changes of a confluence page as well.


eazyBI for Jira macros in Confluence pages

You can also publish eazyBI for Jira reports on Confluence pages if you are using eazyBI for Jira Cloud (in the same atlassian.net site) or eazyBI for Jira Server and Jira is linked to Confluences. Please visit the documentation on eazyBI for Jira gadgets in Confluence pages for more details.

To add eazyBI macros, start typing {eazybi and select either eazyBI for Jira report or eazyBI for Jira dashboard and then select eazyBI reports or dashboards that are created there.