eazyBI gadgets in Confluence pages

{eazYou can publish eazyBI reports on both Confluence Cloud and Confluence Server pages using eazyBI macros. This is an easy way how to share eazyBI reports with other users in your company and manage who can view the reports.

Notice that eazyBI dashboards and reports will be visible according to eazyBI Account users access rights. Even if the Confluence page is shared with everyone, a user will get an error message if none of their user groups have access to eazyBI.

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eazyBI macros for Confluence Cloud

You may publish eazyBI reports on Confluence Cloud pages using eazyBI macros in Confluence. Note those macros are part of another app eazyBI for Confluence.

To publish eazyBI reports on confluence page, make sure you have eazyBI for Jira Cloud in the same atlassian.net site where Confluence Cloud. If so, you are set to use eazyBI macros in Confluence pages, eazyBI for Jira dashboard and eazyBI for Jira reports.

If your Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud are not on the same atlassian.net site, then please contact eazyBI Support for assistance.

eazyBI macros for Confluence Server

You may publish eazyBI reports on Confluence Server pages using eazyBI Jira gadgets or eazyBI macros in Confluence. Note those macros are part of another app eazyBI for Confluence.

We recommend using eazyBI macros in Confluence pages instead of eazyBI Jira gadgets for Confluence Server. The latter option might have several challenges with timeouts and authentification.

Setting up eazyBI macros for Confluence Server

Make sure you have installed app eazyBI for Confluence on your Confluence server and you have an application link from Confluence to Jira. (Confluence: Settings → General Configuration → Application links).

When application link is on place, you are set to use eazyBI macros in Confluence pages, eazyBI for Jira dashboard and eazyBI for Jira reports.

Setting up Jira eazyBI gadgets for Confluence Server

If you would like to publish Jira eazyBI dashboard gadgets on Confluence pages, then please make sure that your Jira and Confluence configuration is set up. For reference see Confluence documentation on

When you have created application link in your confluence administration page, under Edit option make sure the outgoing and incoming configuration says Configured as visible below. If the status is "Not configured", then try entering other details and clicking Enable. For example, if not configured automatically, Certificate timeout (ms) should be 10000.

By default, data requests from gadgets in Confluence pages will time out after 5 seconds. If you have longer running eazyBI reports then please specify -Datlassian.http.connection.timeout=TIMEOUT_IN_MILLISECONDS Java property in Confluence startup scripts. E.g. in bin/setenv.sh add CATALINA_OPTS

CATALINA_OPTS="-Datlassian.http.connection.timeout=60000 ${CATALINA_OPTS}"

to increase gadget data request timeout to 60 seconds.

If you have specified URL patterns for "Outgoing Authentication" then you should add the following lines to your existing URL patterns:


OAuth authentication for application links is supported starting from eazyBI version 4.6.0

After configuring the application link, go to External Gadgets management in Confluence administration page and add JIRA_HOME URL to Gadget feeds. 

"Gadget feed" is constructed automatically by providing JIRA_HOME URL

Note that gadget feed might not start working immediately. The restart of the Confluence might be needed for the gadget feed to start.

Adding eazyBI macro to Confluence Pages

When the configuration is done, in your confluence page start typing {eazybi.. and select eazyBI macro either eazyBI for Jira dashboard or eazyBI for Jira report

When selecting your report or dashboard, make sure you save all configurations. The end user will see it just as you do in the preview. The height will be configured automatically, make sure you configure width according to your preferences. For example, auto will stretch it to all available space.

If you wish to embed a report in the Confluence page with the custom page selection [2], you need to save [1] the selection in the report preview form.