Email customization for dashboard subscription

Private eazyBI provides the option to customize the body of an email sent via eazyBI dashboard email subscription. Keep in mind that customizations might interfere with the standard functionality and may conflict with future Private eazyBI versions. Please review and retest your customizations after each Private eazyBI version upgrade.

To customize the email body when the dashboard email subscription is enabled please use the following steps:

  1. create a directory EAZYBI_HOME/config/locales and then create there a customization file with .yml extension (ie, custom_email.yml or any name can be used) and the following content:

          subject: "[eazyBI] Dashboards - %{account_name}"
          body_html: |
            Hello %{user_name}!
            Please see attached dashboard pages from eazyBI account <strong>%{account_name}</strong> .
            Kind regards,
  2. edit the content of this file to customize the text in body_html section

When you edit *.yml file, take this into your mind:

  • You can name the file as you want - all localization files from EAZYBI_HOME/config/locales will be loaded
  • The file is in a YAML format which is indentation sensitive - please do not break the indentation hierarchy as then it will fail to load This .yml file is common for all eazyBI accounts (for one Private eazyBI instance) and can't be specified for each eazyBI account separately.

Please restart Private eazyBI after updating settings