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Unresolved issues by age interval and priority
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Issue due in this report represents currently unresolved issues split by priorities. Age intervals displays how long the issue is open from creation date until now in days. 

How to build it

To build this report start with table view and in the Measures dimension select measures Issue due and unselect default measure Issues created. Issues due (or unresolved) are issues that do not have resolution and resolution date. On the Time dimension they are grouped by issue due dates (if an issue does not have a due date then it will be counted only in All Times member).

Use Age interval dimension in Rows and select the Age interval level. Use Priority dimension in Columns and select "Priority" level to see the data split by each priority

In Pages select also dimensions "Project", "Issue Type", "Status", and "Assignee". For "Issue type" select "All Issue Types by type" from "By type" hierarchy to filter issues by Standard or Sub-task issue types.

Then switch to the Bar tab and select in the toolbox option Stacked to show a composition of priorities per age interval.

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