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The report shows how many issues are per Fix Version split by the current status category.

How to build it

To build this report start with table view and in the Measures dimension check that default measure Issues created is selected. Issues created measure is the total number of created issues that match selected dimension members.

Use Fix Version dimension in Rows and select "Version" level from "Status" hierarchy and enable Nonempty for Rows. Add the same Fix Version dimension to Pages and select "Unreleased" version to filter out only data related to unreleased versions.

In the report Columns add the Status dimension and select "Category" level

To be able to filter issues by different criteria in Pages add dimensions "Project", "Issue type", "Priority" and "Assignee". 

Then switch to the Bar tab and select in toolbox option Stacked. When it is done then you will be able to select option Percentage to show relative data comparison, and then also add data label Values and percentage. Change colors for "Status" members. 

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