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Issues by customer request type over time
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This report shows how many issues are created by each customer request type by each month. 

How to build it

To build this report start with a table view and in the Measures dimension select measures Issues created and in Columns next to Measure dimension add Customer Request type, select "Customer Request type" level to show each member from this dimension.  

Use the Time dimension in Rows. Configure the Time dimension as is more comfortable, e.g. "Monthly" to see how many issues were for each measure at the end of each month. 

Add the same Time dimension to Pages for filtering report data and select predefined calculated member Last 12 months from Time dimension, use it to filter the report data. From the Time dimensions select also calculated members "All Times", "Current year", and "Previous year" so they are available in Page filter options. In Pages also select dimensions "Project", "Issue type", and "Priority" for report filtering.

To show this report as a chart switch to Bar chart and select vertical and stacked from the toolbar.

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