Account users

Confluence users who are Confluence administrators can create new eazyBI accounts. User who created the eazyBI account is the Owner of the account. The owner has all rights for this account and also can add additional users (or user groups) to this account.

You can access Account users page either from the Home tab or from the top right navigation bar:

You can add access to an eazyBI account to Confluence users or user groups. Start typing a user name or group name and select from the auto-completion list.

eazyBI does not use the same user access limitations as Confluence. All eazyBI users that have access to the account generally can access all imported information in that account, regardless of whether they have access to these data in Confluence or not. Please see more details about eazyBI account management in the Data model documentation page.

When you add new users or groups to the account you need to specify their role:

  • User admin can manage users, import source data, define calculated members and create, update, and delete any reports.
  • Data admin can import source data, define calculated members and create, update, and delete any reports.
  • Reports admin can define calculated members and create, update, and delete any reports.
  • User can create, update, and delete own reports and view any reports and dashboard pages.
  • Viewer can make new reports but can't save report for repeated usage. Viewers can view existing reports and dashboard pages. 
  • Dashboards viewer can only view dashboard pages, eazyBI macros on Confluence pages, or embedded report and dashboard iframes.

A user with any role can access all cubes, dimensions, and measures in the corresponding account. If you need to limit access to reports, dashboards, cubes, and dimensions in a specific account, then use data access roles.