Average time in status (Cycle time)

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The report shows average days in past status with how many transitions have been done from this status. To be able to create such reports, please make sure you have selected Import issues change history in Source data import options.

How to build it

To build this report start with table view and in the Measures dimension select measures Average days in transition status and unselect default measure Issues createdMeasure Average days in transition status calculate what is the average time issues spent in selected Transition status. It is calculated when an issue is transitioned from this status (when the Transitions from status measure is recorded) and will be shown on Time dimension on the date when the transition from this status happened.

Use Transition Status dimension in Rows and select Transition Status level from Category hierarchyAdd the same Transition Status dimension to Pages for filtering report data.

In Pages select also dimensions TimeProjectIssue type, Priority and Assignee for filtering. Select predefined calculated member Last 12 months from Time dimension and use it to filter data. Filter report data by multiple categories To Do and In Progress from Transition Status dimension.

Then switch to the Bar tab, select to show Data labels from toolbox options.

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