Report results export API

Report results export API is available from the Private eazyBI version 4.2.3.


eazyBI provides the following report results export URL that you can use to execute the specified report and download the report results:

<eazyBI host and port>/eazybi/accounts/account_id/export/report/report_id.format

Please specify the following parameters:

  • account_id – ID of the corresponding eazyBI account (visible in URLs after /accounts/)
  • report_id – ID of the eazyBI report (when you open the report in the Analyze tab then visible in URL after /reports/ and before -).
  • format – specify one of the following supported formats in which you would like to download the results: csv, xls, json, pdf, png

At first, test the report results export in your browser and see if it returns expected results. If you would like to automate report results export requests from other applications then you need to provide authentication information for these requests.

MultiPass authentication

Please see MultiPass authentication documentation how you can set up and create MultiPass tokens.

You can use MultiPass authentication if you would like to create automated scripts which download eazyBI report results:

  • When creating the MultiPass token, you need to include in it to attribute which is relative URL of the results export:
  • Make the request to the following URL (replace the site_key with the corresponding name you used in eazybi.toml):
    <eazyBI host and port>/eazybi/users/multipass/site_key?multipass=multipass_token
    After successful authentication, the request will be redirected to the report results export URL.