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System administration tasks
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Jira system administrators, Jira trusted users and eazyBI admins will have access to eazyBI system administration tasks. Users can access the System Administration menu on the top right corner of the eazyBI app screen:

Jira system administrator and eazyBI admins can access all eazyBI plugin accounts data as well as perform additional system administration tasks as described below.


In Settings, you can view and update database connection and license settings (for Jira or Confluence), set additional settings, as well as set advanced settings. eazyBI admins have access to advanced settings only.

Search all users

Available for Jira system administrator only

When any Jira user accesses eazyBI plugin then automatically additional user record is created in eazyBI plugin users list.

System administrator can search all eazyBI plugin users, see accounts that they own or have access to, as well as can completely delete user. When deleting user only eazyBI app user specific data are deleted, user is not deleted from Jira users list.

From all users list system administrator can click on user accounts to see data in these accounts.

System events

By default all failed eazyBI web requests are logged in system events as well as report and dashboard creation, update and delete events. Event name describes type of web request that failed. Here are most typical event names that can appear in system events:


These events appear when user is creating or modifying calculated member formula and has entered invalid MDX formula syntax. Expand Payload details to see entered formula and error message. If you see that some user is regularly having problems with entering correct MDX formulas then you know that you should help them with additional training about calculated member formulas.
eazyBI failed to execute generated MDX query. Possible reasons are that query execution timeout has been exceeded or query is too complex for Mondrian OLAP engine or eazyBI generated MDX is not valid. Expand Payload details to see failed MDX statement as well as exception details.
connection.olap.eazybieazyBI failed to establish Mondrian OLAP engine connection. Most probably this error can happen if database connection settings are invalid.
process_action.action_controllerSome unexpected exception when processing web request. Take a look at Error and Payload details and provide details to eazyBI support if such error happens regularly.



A user has deleted a particular report or a report folder. The event contains report definition of deleted reports so the Jira administrator can restore them. Expand Export definition to access report definitions.


View additional Jira system information which might be asked by eazyBI support.