Unresolved issues by assignee and status

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The report shows how many issues are currently unresolved by assignees and status categories.

How to build it

To build this report start with table view and in the Measures dimension select measure Issues due and unselect default measure Issues created. Measure Issues due (or unresolved) issues do not have resolution and resolution date. On the Time dimension they are grouped by issue due dates (if the issue does not have a due date then it will be counted only in All Times member and won't be visible if a particular Time period is selected).

In the report Rows, select the Assignee dimension and select User level. Select measure Issues due to order values in descending order. 

In the report Columns add the Status dimension and select Category level. To eliminate assignees and status categories that are not used (there are no issues in this assignee and status category), select Hide empty rows and columns.

Add the same Assignee and Status dimensions to Pages for filtering report data. In Pages select also dimensions Project, Issue type, Priority and Assignee group

Then switch to the Bar tab and select in toolbox option Stacked to show a composition of status categories per assignee. Change colors for Transition Status members. 

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