Logged hours by user in current week

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This report shows how many hours have been logged by users in the current week. 

How to build it

In the Measure dimension select measure Hours spent and unselect default measure Issues created. Measure Hours spent is a total of hours logged on issues matching the selected dimension members. You can Drill trough cell to get a list of all worklog entries constituting particular Hours spent total value, with additional information -user name, date, issue key, worklog comments, as well as logged hours for this entry. 

In Rows add the Logged by dimension and select User level. Enable option Nonempty for Rows. Next to it add the Issue dimension and select Issue level from default hierarchy to see by which issue hours have been logged. For both dimensions in the table select to display the dimension name in the header. For Issue dimension choose to show only issue key.

From toolbox select options Hide empty rows to hide users without logged hours and to leave days that have an empty value, Total of rows and columns to show total hours per row and columns, and Freeze header if the report gets long and wide. 

Add the same Logged by dimension to Pages for filtering report data. 

In Column add Time dimension and select Day level from Weekly hierarchy. Add the same Time dimension to Pages for filtering. Select from Weekly hierarchy members Previous Week and Current Week. In the report choose the Current week so the data in the report is filtered by this time period.

In Pages also select Project, Issue type, and Logged by Group dimensions for filtering.  

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