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There are certain features in eazyBI that are useful to interact with the report once it is published

Feel free to interact with the report to explore your data – regroup data, remove columns and rows, order by measure, etc., and when finished, refresh the page to see the published report version. You can go back and forth between different interaction steps using Undo and Redo buttons [1]. Reload the browser to revert back to the original report. You can also export report results [2] to file in CSV, PNG, PDF, or XLS format at any time (available formats may change depending on the report visualization). 

Click on a measure name [3], a dimension member [4], or a measure value in cell [5] to access different interaction possibilities. 

Interact with a measure name

  • Drill into to split measure by another dimension members and see how the measure is grouped by another data layer.
  • Add calculated columns with standard calculations like cumulative sum, average value, linear trend, and more.
  • Select this measure to focus on just one of the measures in the report and remove the rest of the measures (if many were selected).
  • Remove a particular measure from the report.

*Additionally, you can drag the measure to the left or right, if you have more than 1 measure selected in your report. 

Interact with a dimension member

  • Drill into a dimension member to split all values in more detail (group by next hierarchy level).
  • Drill into level of the dimension hierarchy to split all values at the selected hierarchy level.
  • Drill across by another dimension to split all values by selected dimension.
  • Select this member and remove the rest of the members to show all values for this member only.
  • Remove just this member from the report without recalculating other report members.
  • Go to Source to switch to open an object in the source application if the dimension member has a property with an URL.
  • Change the Display name for a limited list of dimensions if the member has the property DISPLAY_KEY imported. When using eazyBI for Jira this feature would be available for members at Project, Issue, and User levels.

Additionally, you can click "+" or "-" icons next to the dimension member name to expand/collapse the member if it has any lower hierarchy levels.

Interact with the cell value

  • Drill across by another dimension to keep just a particular cell value and split by selected dimension.
  • Drill into dimension member to split value in more detail (group by next hierarchy level).

  • Drill through issue to see a list of issues behind the value with an active hyperlink to Jira issues, if the Issue dimension is not used in the report already.
  • Drill through worklogs of Hours spent measure to see the list of Jira worklogs entries with details on date, issue key, person, comment, and hours.

Drill through issue and Drill through worklogs features are available only when using eazyBI for Jira app.