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Custom hierarchies
eazyBI for Jira

If you have data source JiraConfluence, or Assets, there are a few standard dimensions and Jira custom field dimensions to which you may add custom hierarchies based on member properties. For example, you may create a new hierarchy in the Project dimension to group projects by a project lead.

You can add a custom hierarchy for the following dimensions:

If you are looking to create a new hierarchy in the Issue dimension, see Additional Issue hierarchies for instructions; it is different functionality.

You will see the option to add custom hierarchy when dimension members have at least one numeric or string property.

Then choose the property by which to group dimension members and add the new hierarchy.

eazyBI will create a new hierarchy with two levels, one representing the property you selected and another representing dimension members. 

Custom hierarchy based on additionally imported data

You can import additional properties for Jira and Confluence standard dimensions using additional data import. Then use additionally imported properties to add a custom hierarchy for grouping dimension members by property values.

See this training video on several use cases with step-by-step instructions: Power-Up Reports With Additional Data Import.