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Data Import

Before you analyze data, you need to import that data into eazyBI. Data import creates the data cube and ensures that imported data is organized in a more report-friendly structure.

eazyBI is a non-real-time analysis tool, which means that data are imported from the Source system into the eazyBI database once or regularly, and reports are built on data located in the eazyBI database. 

You can always check from the Analyze view when data is successfully updated.

eazyBI account admins can also see when data was updated last time from Source data, and any eazyBI user can see it in the Dashboard.

You may import data using SQL SELECTREST API, or from Excel files, Google Spreadsheets, and source systems JiraHighriseBasecampZendesk, Freshdesk, FreshBooksHarvest, Monday.

Map your data columns as you want to use them in the reports to group data and aggregate quantitative values. Here are some rules to guide you through the data mapping process.

Usually, data mapping is done once the new data source is introduced. Now you are set up and ready to take a different look at your data with eazyBI.