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Jira app or eazyBI Private for Jira?
Private eazyBI

Among other integrations, Jira integration is available also for Private eazyBI. Still, if Jira is your main or primary data source, our recommendation is to use eazyBI Jira app from Atlassian Marketplace. While the functionality for Private eazyBI and Jira app is similar, the integration with Jira is smoother and requires less configuration when using Jira app. The main differences are described below.

eazyBI Jira appPrivate eazyBI Jira integration
User managementThe user management is linked to the Jira users (All Jira users have access and can use eazyBI). You can assign a specific set of Jira users or user groups to a specific eazyBI account/s in your eazyBI for Jira app.

Has three plans: 10, 20, and Unlimited user plans. 

Private eazyBI user authentication is not integrated with Jira users and groups, you will need to maintain separate Private eazyBI users.

Application processRuns inside the same Jira JVM process and is sharing the same JVM process resources (CPU and Java heap memory). It is possible to launch a separate eazyBI child process where report queries are executed and this will minimize the impact on the main Jira JVM process.Runs as a standalone app/process and can be run on the same server as Jira, or on a different server.
Data importUses Jira Java API to import Jira issues.Uses Jira REST API to import Jira issues.
Some Jira custom fields might not expose all the necessary information in Jira REST API results. Large Jira data import using REST API is also slower compared to import using Jira Java API.
Jira custom field importeazyBI recognizes Jira standard custom field types as well as from several Jira applications and apps automatically. Additional fields can be added through advanced settings

While Jira standard custom field types are recognized automatically, to get fields from some supported apps additional configuration is necessary in eazyBI toml file. There could be some limitations to the data import from some apps.

Data sources

Allows data import from the Jira instance where the add-on is installed as well as you will be able to import data from other sources like SQL, REST API, files, etc.

Has no data source limitations – you can import data from one or many Jira instances if needed.
Sharing and embedding reports

With eazyBI app for Jira, reports and dashboards can be embedded in Jira dashboards as gadgets and in Confluence pages as macros. These reports have additional and useful preferences and are instantly and easily accessible to Jira users according to specified access rights.

It is also possible to share your reports outside your Jira user base (to non-Jira users) using a public access tokens.

Public access tokens are available only in the Private Unlimited plan.

CustomizationsIt is possible to customize locales/languages and customize the layout, interface colors and chart palette colorsYou can customize locales, user interface, database schemas, and even add additional chart types or data sources (requires Ruby programming).