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Comparing eazyBI for Jira Cloud vs Data Center
eazyBI for Jira

eazyBI is available for all Jira hosting options – Cloud and Data Center. The core eazyBI functionality is the same in all hosting options. Some technical limitations make some of the functions available in one or other hosting. These differences are described on this page, while the common functionality is the same and is not described here.

This page can be used to see the differences when planning the Jira Data Center to Cloud migrations or when evaluating Jira and eazyBI hosting options. If needed, then see also the comparison of Atlassian hosting options.

When migrating eazyBI from Jira Data Center to Jira Cloud, please see the eazyBI database migrator description.

On this page:

eazyBI Administration

Jira Data CenterJira Cloud
System administration tasks

eazyBI support cannot access the customer Jira Data Center and installed apps. Jira or eazyBI administrators perform all eazyBI administration tasks. This includes backups and upgrades of the eazyBI app when new versions are available.

The eazyBI admin definition is available only on the Jira Data Center app.

eazyBI for Jira Cloud uses hosted eazyBI service, and all system administration tasks are performed by eazyBI support. The latest version is always available to your users.

Jira admins can do account management and have access to the Advanced settings.

Data import frequencyData import frequency is flexible. Import can be set to run during specified times.

Automatic data import frequency is restricted to once per day, but there is an option to process events to get changes every hour.

UI customization

eazyBI provides several options to customize the user interface on the Jira Data Center. 

There is also an option to hide navigation to the eazyBI app from Jira users.

This functionality is currently not available.
Additional localesAdministrators can create their own app localization and enable it for the users. By default, eazyBI provides available localizations in English, French, German, and Latvian. The localizations provided by eazyBI are available – in English, French, German, and Latvian. 
Email customization for dashboard subscriptioneazyBI provides the option to customize the body of an email sent via eazyBI dashboard email subscriptions.Users will receive dashboard email subscriptions with a standard text provided by eazyBI.

Integrations with Jira apps

Below are the Jira apps that either do not yet have integration in eazyBI for Jira Cloud or have significant differences from the Data Center app. The integrations that are available both on eazyBI for Jira Cloud and Data Center are not listed here.

DevOps metrics

Supported DevOps apps vary for eazYBI on Jira Cloud or Jira Data Center.

Elements ConnectThis integration is currently not yet supported in eazyBI for Jira Cloud.
Plans custom fieldsThe additional Plans custom hierarchy in the Issue dimension is not created by default in eazyBI for Jira Cloud; you can set it up with additional settings. Other Plan's custom fields can be enabled and imported.
Xray Test ManagementTest Revisions, Requirement Status, and TestRunStatus dimensions and properties from Xray calculated fields are unavailable in eazyBI for Jira Cloud.
Zephyr Scale Test Management for JiraThis integration is currently not supported in eazyBI for Jira Cloud.
Zephyr Squad Test Management for Jira

Zephyr Requirements and Zephyr Requirement status dimensions and Zephyr Test steps measure are unavailable in eazyBI for Jira Cloud.

Security statements

eazyBI for Jira Cloud uses the eazyBI hosted service ( to store imported Jira data and render eazyBI reports. In contrast, eazyBI for the Jira Data Center stores all data on customer servers and does not use externally hosted services. Please read each security statement in-depth here: